As COVID-19 impacts our communities, the health and safety of our customers, and employees remains our top priority. 

What to expect when shopping in store:

Requirements before entering:

  1. Face mask or any face covering.
  2. No pets allowed.
  3. No outside gloves can be worn in the store 
  4. No food or drinks allowed 

Requirements in the store:

  • Limit to 3 people in the store.
  • Face masks must be worn in the store at all times.
  • No outside gloves are allowed to be worn in the store.
  • Upon entering, you must use the hand sanitizer provided. 
  • 6 feet of distance must be followed at all times.
  • When in the fitting room. Garments must be hung on original hanger. Any unwanted items must be put in the center fitting room to be isolated to ensure staff can steam them before being put back on sales floor.
  • Please note that we will not be offering assistance with any zippers, or any physical handling of garments, accessories, or footwear (unless absolutely necessary i.e physical impairment). We will however be here to give you style guidance as always instead.
  • Any items to be purchased can be placed on the rack next to the Cash counter.
  • No cash, only debit or credit.
  • Staff have been advised not to handle any reusable outside shopping bags

As we venture this unknown together, we will change as we see fit. We ask that you respect the safety precautions we are taking.

Thank you.